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The Day



  1. Every Time I Close My Eyes (featuring Mariah Carey with Kenny G)
  2. Talk to Me (featuring Eric Clapton) 
  3. I Said I Love You
  4. When Your Body Gets Weak
  5. Simple Days
  6. All Day Thinkin'
  7. Seven Seas
  8. The Day (That You Gave Me a Son)
  9. How Come, How Long (featuring Stevie Wonder)
  10. This Is for the Lover in You (featuring LL Cool J, Howard Hewett, Jody Watley, and Jeffrey Daniels)
  11. Every Time I Close My Eyes (Timbaland Remix) 
  12. Every Time I Feel The Groove (Urban Soul Basement Mix) 
  13. This Is for the Lover in You (Honey Lookin' Laced Extended Remix)
  • Thể loại:  R&B
  • Nghệ sĩ:  Baby Face
  • Định dạng:  SACD ISO
  • Kích thước:  2,6 Gb
  • Lượt bình luận: 0